tips to keep your computer running smoothly

10 tips to keep your computer running smoothly

Is your Windows PC running slow? Does it take long time to boot up? Or does it freeze up intermittently? Don't worry! we will help. Take a few minutes to try out these steps, and your PC will be running faster and smoothly. It lists the 10 best tips to keep your computer running smoothly.

Computers are always the most important device that you can have, but do you really take some time out of your busy schedule or care about its maintenance? Desktop or laptop PC's are prone to slow down, perform poor and crash at times if they are not taken care of and if they are not used properly. If you're already experiencing any system performance related issue or if your PC is freezing up while opening some application or intermittently, don't ignore it as it may lead to a significant loss of time and information due to an important file loss and/or corruption. Either check it yourself by following the simple steps mentioned below or call our toll free #+1(877)-661-8666 for a free diagnosis.

Here are some important tips to keep your computer running smoothly and faster.

1. Run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter Regularly

Disk cleanup tool finds all unwanted and unused junk files, application logs, error logs, deleted files laying in recycle bin and temporary files. They take up precious memory on the hard drive and can slow down your PC, if they become superfluous.  Disk cleanup tool allows you to delete them all once it has run the check up. Run this tool once in a month at least or twice in a month for better result. Similarly, also run the disk derangement after running the disk cleanup tool, to organize files and spaces on the hard drive.

2. Create System Restore Points Regularly

System restore points are like a backup of windows and application program settings and windows registry. It is very helpful in case your system crashes immediately after installing a new program or removing a program from computer. Also sometimes, it can recover your computer after a virus attack.

3. Check Your Power Settings

Power-saver plan in your Windows reduces your computer's performance in order to save energy. Check your PC if its running on power-saver plan and change to high performance or balanced plan if it is.

4. Backup Your Computer Regularly

Use a USB flash drive or an external hard drive to copy important data over it. Take backup as soon as possible or immediately after working on an important project. Computers are like other electronic devices and you never know what might happen.

5. Use a Good Antivirus Program and Update It Regularly

Antivirus program is important for your PC due to increasing risk of viruses, ransom-ware and malware attack. Keep your antivirus up to date in order to protect your PC from new emerging threats. Always scan any downloaded file, flash drive or external hard drive with anti-virus, before you access it on your computer.
10 tips to keep your computer running smoothly
10 tips to keep your computer running smoothly

6. Run ScanDisk Operation Once in a Month

ScanDisk is another diagnostic and repair utility included in Windows. It verifies disk integrity by finding and repairing file system errors. By performing a regular ScanDisk operation you can prevent your computer from crashes and save your time and information caused due to hard disk failure. Running this tool once or twice in a month would be enough.

7. Stay Away From Harmful and Untrustworthy Website

Don't download pirated or cracked software or such other contents as they are the major source of viruses and malware infection. Do not guess the address of a website, type the URL correctly and use a pop up blocker to avoid such website to open automatically.

8. Disable Unwanted or Unneeded Startup Items

When you turn your computer on, Windows is not the only thing that starts up but a number of other programs such as antivirus program, printer software, online backup service, music program, games and other items set to initialize during start up are also launched. The more startup item you have the slower your computer boots. Uncheck or remove unwanted startup programs to speed up the boot process and to keep your computer running smoothly.

 9. Set Windows Update To Automatically Update

Windows updates are important for your PC to keep it secure and perform better. Updating the system closes the vulnerabilities that a hacker or virus can exploit to get into your system. It is better to receive important updates as soon as possible than wait until a missed update causes a major problem.

10. Be Careful while Installing a New Software

Do not just keep clicking on next button during installation of a new software, as some freeware and shareware come with a bundle of other unwanted and unknown application that can be problematic. Pay attention and read carefully before clicking next.

These were few important tips that you must know to keep your computer running smoothly. We cover them all in our regular tune up and optimization process and educate our customers about these tips. Though, there are many more steps that we do during troubleshooting, if you sign up for one of our $49.99 incidental support or long term technical support plan for your PCs and MACs. We also offer free diagnosis of your PCs and MACs and share the performance information with you, you can call us at our toll free #1(877)-661-8666 for the best advice.

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