Who we are?

Microsystem Support, inc.™ is a leading Technical Support provider to consumers worldwide, with all the services delivered remotely online via our encrypted secure platform. No issue is too big or too small for our MSS friendly Tech Experts. We respond swiftly to your call, connect remotely to your computer, and stay connected with you until the problem is resolved. We're here to improve lives with eloquent customer service and expert technology care!

Mac or PC, desktop or laptop, Smartphones or Tablets –it doesn't matter! As long as your troublesome technology connects to the Internet or a computer, MSS can fix it for you with our innovative remote technology support. We fix computers, smartphones, tablets, routers, printers, and more. Each day, our tech experts repair broken programs, remove viruses, and do whatever it takes to get you back to enjoying technology with ease.

'Customer Delight' is the service mantra by which all of MSS's Live Experts strive to operate, as supported by our 'no questions asked' money-back guarantee. MSS's message is clear and simple: we fix your PC, or you don't pay. Give your PC some Microsystem Support today, and unleash your computer's true potential.

Why Microsystem Support?

Our mandate is very clear. We ensure that our staff planning supports 24x7 access to Live Experts with minimum wait times, and that our customers get a resolution to their technical issue in a timely and effective manner. Our Live Experts & Subject Matter Expert engineers are highly experienced & qualified, all hired through a series of demanding technical interviews, and trained to think and adapt versus following rigidly scripted processes. Moreover, our Live Experts truly are available 24/7 'round the clock', so you can rely on Microsystem Support at your convenience

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