Cannot connect to Roku - Error Code 011

Cannot connect to Roku – Error Code 011

Generally, using Roku device is quite a simple process; even a 10 year old can do it. But at times, you might encounter problems which might prevent you from using its services, or carrying out certain functions. One of such problems is Error Code 011, which is displayed on the screen on your Roku device. In simple words, it means that your device can’t connect to Roku. You can get rid of this problem, and go back to using your device normally, on your own. Herein this article we will troubleshooting this error Cannot connect to Roku – Error Code 011.

What is Error Code 011 (Cannot Connect to Roku)?

Error Code 011 is a message that displays on your Roku device indicating that your Roku device could not connect to Roku Software Update Server. During the set up stage, your Roku device gets connected to Roku Software Update Server, after which, it downloads the latest version of the software, and installs it into the system. It is during this process that you could come across the Error Code 011, which means that your device was unable to connect to Roku Software Update Server. If you need help on how to setup the Roku device follow this article.

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Even after you’ve used Roku device for quite some time, you have to ensure that the application is updated at all times, because if it’s not, you may not be able to use majority of its features and services, especially the newly added ones. Generally, the application gets updated automatically, but as an aware user, you could check for updates on your own as well, and install them, if they’re not installed. During the updating process as well Error Code 011 could appear on your device, which means the same thing.

How to fix Cannot connect to Roku – Error Code 011?

DIY Solutions to Error Code 011 (Cannot Connect to Roku)

There might be a lot of problems because of which you’re seeing the Error Code 011 on your device, or why it’s not able to connect to Roku. A lot of times it’s up to the users to identify the problem and solve it themselves. And generally, this problem can be solved independently by the user.

Sometimes, the error could occur because of temporary disconnection. So, all you have to do is wait for the connection process to end, after which, you’ll get the option ‘Try Again’. Simply tap on the button, and let the device reconnect to Roku. Surprisingly, your device will get connected to Roku.

If this doesn’t work, probably it’s the internet problem. A lot of times, your device may fail to connect to Roku if it’s not connected to the internet. Well, if that’s the problem, the device will guide you step by step to get it reconnected to the internet. Just follow them and you’ll stop seeing Error Code 011. You may also want to read our solution on how to fix Wireless connectivity issue on Roku.

Of course, before going through this step, you might need to check if the internet is actually working or not. You could use other devices to do so, if it isn’t, take the necessary steps to get it working.

Cannot connect to Roku - Error Code 011
Fix Error “Cannot connect to Roku – Error Code 011”

To avoid issues related to the internet, you could keep your Roku device closer to the router, and help it receive strong signals. Also, you could make sure that the router is not connected to a lot of devices, as it causes the bandwidth to go down. Connect only the very important devices to the router, or none at all, when Error Code 011 displays, or at any other time when you’re using Roku device.

A lot of times, there could be a problem with Roku Software Update Server, because of which it is unable to offer you the service. If the steps mentioned above don’t work, you could check Roku’s Official Support site, as they have alerts posted there if the services are unavailable at any time. In such a situation, all you can do is wait for Roku to fix the issues it’s facing, and make its services available again.

Contact Roku Customer Support

If any of the above mentioned steps don’t work, or if you’re not quite confident about handling the issue on your own, you can contact Roku’s reliable customer support. You can go to their official customer support page and follow the steps to get in touch with them. Or call us on our toll free +1(877)-661-8666.

You would have the option of either chat with us, or giving a call. Needless to say that the latter one is a quicker option. However, you might need to wait for a few minutes, some time for your turn to come. And when it does, all your problem will be solved in no time.

24/7 Roku Technical Support Number:

The experts at Roku Customer Support are friendly, and so, they will guide you to the solution in a step wise manner. Whether you choose to write to them or give them a call, they’d get connected to you at an instant, and help you get rid of the problem like it never really existed. In case you are facing issue with HDCP 2.2 Content error you may want to read our post on HDCP error on Roku to fix this issue.

When you come across the Error Code 011 problem, make sure to go through the steps mentioned above. You should have your device working normally in no time. And if, by any means, if things don’t go normal, you could go ahead and contact Roku’s customer support. The soft spoken service oriented Customer Support Representatives at Roku will help you solve your problem in no time. Go to Roku’s Official Customer Support Site to find out how you can contact their Customer Service, or for more information about the product, and solutions to the problems you’re facing, if there’re any. I hope this articles helped you fix the error – Cannot connect to Roku – Error Code 011. If you are experiencing any other issue do let us know in the comment section below and we will try to provide the solution to your problem in our next troubleshooting article.

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