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Common Problems and Solution of MSN Email

MSN Email Service is used by people all over the world. It is one of the most popular email services out there that individuals use both for personal and official purposes. MSN, short for Microsoft Network, was launched in 1995, together with Windows 95. It was designed to offer various web and internet based services for Windows PC, one of which was Email Service. MSN email service was also known as Hotmail, and later, it was rebranded as Outlook. The company is based in United States. Today in this post we will be learning about Common Problems and Solution of MSN Email.

Like any other email service, MSN may also present the users with email related problems at times. However big or small the problem may be, users can always find the solution to them. Sometimes on their own, or by taking MSN’s help, which they offer in forms such as troubleshooting features, FAQs (Frequently asked Questions) and Tech Support. Of course, if none of these work, you’ll have to contact an experienced professional who will definitely take care of the problem for you.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss few common problems and solutions of MSN Email that you must know about, as a user. Here are those common problems with MSN email service that we are going to discuss and fix them.

  1. You’re not able to sign in to your account
  2. You’re not able to open or read your emails
  3. You’re not able to send or receive emails
  4. Copies of received emails are created; you’re unable to delete them
  5. How to setup or configure MSN email on Microsoft Outlook

Common Problems and Solution of MSN Email

#1. You’re not able to sign in to your account

This is one of the most common issues with an email account, i.e. the user is unable to sign in to their account. Now, if you’re trying to sign in repeatedly and getting the ‘wrong password’ message every time, turns out that you may have forgotten the password, or something’s wrong with it. The best thing to do in this case is to reset your password, and get another one.

The problem may also occur due to poor or no internet connection, which you’ll be able to guess easily, as there won’t be any message clarifying that the password that you entered is wrong. In fact, there won’t be any message at all, the page will continue to load, but would never complete loading.

24/7 MSN Email Support Number:

In this case, you could try and check your internet connection and this is very Common Problems and Solution of MSN Email. You could either disconnect it and try reconnecting it back, or go through the settings on your device.

#2. You’re not able to open or read your emails

This usually happens when there is a problem with email synchronization, i.e. either the synchronization is not happening, or it’s happening at a slow pace. In any of the cases, first you need to check the number of emails in your inbox.

It takes a long period of time for MSN to synchronize with the server, access and display all the received emails, if the number of emails are too many. Also, at times, even after all the emails are displayed, you may not be able to open them, even after clicking on them several times. This happens either because of the same reason, or because of the size of the email. The bigger the size, the longer it takes to open it.

The best thing to do in this case is to simply wait patiently, without moving the cursor or clicking at the email repeatedly. You could also try to vacate your inbox, by deleting the unnecessary emails, and you’ll realize that the process has gotten comparatively faster. Next is the another very Common Problems and Solution of MSN Email.

MSN Email Support Number
MSN Email Support Number

#3. You’re not able to send or receive emails

This has to be one of the most common problems with MSN, or as a matter of fact, with any other email service. The reason could be as simple as problems with your internet connection. So, first you’ll have to check out on that. Try to reconnect to the network, if you’re facing connection problems. Check that the internet is in fact working by trying to open other websites or use other applications. Go to the settings on your device, and troubleshoot the problems.

Sometimes, you’re not able to send or receive emails through MSN because of the Firewall settings, so make sure that the properties of your Firewall suit your needs. If you’re not quite familiar with the features, or are not able to figure out the firewall or internet problem, contact your tech guy for help. You don’t want to mess with them if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

At times, even MSN interferes with your privileges, by blocking you from accessing the emails and sending them. This happens if they misunderstand you as a spammer. So, in such cases, let them have your phone number, and get your account verified through your phone. In case of any confusions, or support, contact MSN Customer Support Number.

#4. Copies of received emails are created; you’re unable to delete them

This is a major problem as it might mean a lot of things so you can not call it common MSN email account problem. Firstly, you’re not able to send or receive emails. Secondly, every time you get a notification that you’ve received a new email, and when you check, it turns out to be nothing. Similarly, the emails in your inbox duplicate themselves, and you’re not even able to delete them. This can really frustrate the user.

In this case, it is advised to contact customer support immediately, as you never know what might be causing this. The support will send you a list of steps to follow, using which you could solve the issue.

You could also try to uninstall the MSN application and reinstall it, to see if the same thing happens again. On top of that, you could also try to create a new windows profile, and use it to test your newly installed MSN application. However, keep in mind that in order to do so, you’ll have to contact MSN customer support and ask for their assistance. So, if you ever have one of these common problems and solution of MSN Email then contact MSN email Technical support at following details.

Some Important Information for Contacting MSN Email Support Number

  1. MSN Email Support NumberMSN Email Support Helpline : MSN Email Support phone number +1-877-661-8666
  2. “MSN Email helpline Number” is available at +1-877-661-8666
  3. MSN Tech Support Number : +1-877-661-8666
  4. 24/7 MSN Email Technical SupportCall Time: MSN Technical Support Number 24×7 Available
  5. Average Wait:  30 Seconds
  6. Independent Support * : +1-877-661-8666 (Talk to Live Technician )
  7. About MSN Email Support :
  8. MSN LIve Chat SupportMSN Chat Support : MSN Support Website


As a global brand, preferred highly for its email service by the users, MSN ensures that you don’t come across any problem in terms of using their services. However, like any other aspect of modern technology, glitches, whether tiny or big, are always expected. However, as mentioned above, there is nothing that you can’t take care of. So those were all about the Common Problems and Solution of MSN Email.

Now if the problem that you’re facing is the one mentioned in our list, you know what to do. If not, either you could go on and contact the reliable tech support at MSN, or you could call a local professional to help you out with your issue. This was the list of the most common problems and solutions of MSN Email.

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