How To Solve The Email Not Working Problem in Microsoft Outlook

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How To Solve The Email Not Working Problem in Microsoft Outlook

It doesn’t really matter what application or website offers you the email services, at one point of time there’s bound to be the email not working problem. It is a problem that could result because of small issues or more severe ones. Whatever the case, generally, it is within the hands of the email service users to resolve it. However, if, at any point of time, it feels like the situation is going out of hand, it is recommended that you look for professional help. This blog is all about helping you figure out the solution to the email not working problem specifically in Microsoft Outlook. Read on, and you’re sure to find it useful.

About Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is categorized as the personal information management application by Microsoft Corporation. The first version of Outlook was released in 1997 along with the Microsoft Office package. The software allows you to send and receive emails using different email addresses under one platform. This is obviously designed to make the process simple and hasslefree. A lot of people confuse Microsoft Outlook application with Outlook official website, which is basically Hotmail official website rebranded. 


Hotmail was rebranded into Outlook in 2012. It is also meant to offer webmail services to the users. The website can prove to be a good alternative to the desktop application if you’re looking to use Microsoft’s email services only, and not pull all your emails at one place. Whether your email address uses live, hotmail, msn or outlook domain, you could easily sign in and work through this portal.

Email Not Working Problem

The email not working problem can be the result of a very common issue such as interference in the internet connection. It could also be the outcome of a more severe issue such as the problem with the server of the email service provider’s server. The former one can be solved in no time by simply reestablishing your internet connection, whereas in the latter case, you can’t really do anything but wait for the maintenance work to be completed so that your email service provider can go back to offering you the service flawlessly. Email not working problems can also be the result of incorrect account information that you provide at the time of signing in into your account, especially if you’re used to sending emails through websites.


If you’re sending your email through desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook, and the problem occurs, it could be because the application hasn’t synced well with the email service provider’s server. A lot of times, these applications function quite slowly, so it might be the emails sent or received in a slow manner rather than the service not working at all. The email not working problem may also occur if the application hasn’t been installed well, or if there are issues related to updating the application. The issue can also arise because of an action so silly as feeding in the wrong email address in the address bar. Now, depending on what problem you’re facing, it is required for you to take the right action.

Solution to the Email Not Working Problem

If you quite understand the nature of the problem, whether it’s feeding in wrong details, internet issues, and so on, it is highly recommended that you try to take care of the problem on your own. However, if it is something as technical as the installation problem with the application, the updates issue, as mentioned above, or the problem with the sync, the right thing to do would be to get professional help. 


And to come in contact with the right expertise, all that you’d have to do is click on Microsoft Outlook help. As long as the issue is solvable from your end, you’re sure to find the solution here. The page is filled with easy to follow instructions and further contact details, just in case the issue goes beyond hand, that will help you nullify the issue in no time. You’re sure to feel relieved after accessing the page.


By following the instructions mentioned above, you’re sure to find the solution to the email not working problem in Microsoft Outlook. If the above given tips don’t help, feel free to visit Microsoft’s official support page, or even better, call them on 1(844)-980-4031 .You can be rest assured that the professional help that you will receive after clicking on that link will allow you to solve your problem in no time. You’re sure to feel that the issue didn’t even exist in the first place. A lot of times, it’s rather better to go for professional help rather than those DIY instructions. With the experts by your side, things will be so much easier for you.

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