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How to Fix Epson Printer Print Quality Problem?

It’s obvious for problems to occur in the quality of the print when you’ve used the printer for a long time. There are certain minor problems that can have a huge impact on the print, like ink shortage, which can be solved at an instant. However, in some situations, you might need to either replace the parts, or get rid of the printer itself, and get a new one. Some time issues with ink cartridges or Print head also cause the printing quality problem. Whatever the case may be, your Epson Printer Print Quality Problem can be fixed with relative ease, and that’s certain. 

About Epson Printer

Epson is a well-known name around the world especially when it comes to electronics. Epson is a Japanese company that has been manufacturing electronic products like ICs, LCD components, cash registers, and so on for the last 80 years. One of its mostly used products is printers, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is the leading printer producing brand globally. What makes their printers special is the quality that the company offers in the build of the product, which makes the product last for a very long period of time. Also, the exceptional quality of the print and the optimization of the use of toner in the prints is another reason why Epson is preferred by many over other printer brands.

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Fix Epson Printer Print Quality Problem

Quite like any other electronic product, Epson Printers can also have flaws. These problems could be a result of a manufacturing defect, or issues in its component ca        used due to overuse. You might encounter problems with the quality of the print especially after using it for a long duration of time. Now, problems with the quality of the print is a vague phrase. To be quite specific about them, you might come across problems like faint print, blurry print, misalignment in the print, missing or faded colors, or no print at all while using your printer. Problems as such in your print out is an indication that you need to look into the machine, diagnose the problem and sort it out. Generally, if you ignore printer related problems, you could cause it to degrade overall.

DIY Tips for Epson Printer Print Quality Problems

The cause for the above problems could be many, so you might need to do a series of check-ups to identify the cause of the low quality print. The first and the foremost thing that you should do is make sure that there’s enough ink in your ink tank. A lot of times you get faded print outs or no print at all because the ink for the required print is not sufficient. Generally, you get the message on the small screen of your printer indicating that your toner is empty. In case you don’t, just check it out yourself. At times, the problem may occur because of the problem in your ink tank itself, for instance leakage. In situations as such, you would have to change the entire tank itself.

Epson Printer Print Quality Issue
Epson Printer Print Quality Issue due to Low or no Ink in the Toner

For problems like blurry print or misalignment, you could do a thorough print head and nozzle check. A lot of times, the ink gets clogged in the nozzle, making the machine incapable of maintaining proper flow of ink in each print. So, look into the nozzle and if you find them clogged, clean it with a clean piece of cloth. By doing so, you’d at least ensure that the right amount of ink is discharged in every print out. Also, at times the print head gets misaligned, hampering the alignment of the content in the print out. Align the print head to its normal position, and hopefully, your print outs would come out cleaner.

Unblock Print Head, Remove Clogged Ink
Unblock Print Head, Remove Clogged Ink

Another reason that could cause the quality of the print out to degrade is the kind of paper that you use. You should try and use the paper that the printer supports. By kind, we mean the size, the thickness, the smoothness and so on. Every printer is built to offer ideal print outs only if the paper going inside the machine has the above mentioned attribute suited to the machine. By using the wrong kind of paper, you don’t just get a low quality print out, but you also hamper the overall performance and life of the printer. So try your best to use only the paper prescribed by the printer manufacturer.

Contact Epson Printer Support for Print Quality Issues

The first thing that you should do if you come across any of the problems mentioned above is follow the DIY tips. Now, while they might be a piece of cake for few, others might find it hard to do them. In a situation like that, you could contact Epson printer Tech support Number. The professional, highly trained and polite experts at Epson printer support will ensure that you’re able to find the solution to your Epson printer print quality problems in no time. You could contact them by going to the Epson printer support official page. There you will get the option of either writing to them, or talking to them live. With Epson printer support by your side, your Epson printer print quality problems will be solved in no time.

Epson Printer Tech Support Number:

If the Epson printer print quality problems are the ones reflect the ones mentioned above, you could follow the tips to fix them, else you might need to contact a technician. Now, if you’re not quite confident about following those steps on your own, you could always contact Premium Epson Printer Support  at +1(877)-661-8666 as the third alternative. Overall, you can be rest assured about one thing. Epson printers are great quality products that offer amazing print, but at times, problems could occur. Be calm about it, and it’s a guarantee that you find the best solution in no time. I hope you liked our article on Epson Printer Print Quality Problem. Let us know your questions or queries in the comment form below.

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