How to fix MS Outlook not responding?

How to fix MS Outlook not responding?

Microsoft outlook is one of the biggest email provider which is used by more than 70% working professionals. MS outlook works very smooth and fast as it is the most reliable email provider worldwide. Unfortunately if your MS Outlook stuck as processing or not responding or freezes while working then in this article we find few resolutions to fix the issue. Follow the below mentioned steps to fix MS Outlook not responding.

  • Open the MS Outlook in your PC.
  • Once you open your MS Outlook, you’ll see few options at the side bar and above like sent emails, inbox, draft etc, files, send/receive etc.
  • Go to the above option-Send/Receive and then inside it click on Send/Receive All Folders.
  • Then it will start processing part if you if you look at the section here and the process you’ll see that it says processing. It means just locked in and stuck at processing and none of the emails will come down and that will be that so how can we fix this issue?
  • We’re going to go through a bunch of steps here on how you can resolve your problems with the same issue here. So let’s go ahead and close this off and we’ll move on the some of the fixes that you must try.

Startup Outlook in Safe Mode

The first thing we’ll going to do is startup outlook in safe mode. Now, outlook does have its own safe mode which you can start up and see whether it fixes the issue or not. Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go the start menu bar in your pc and search run.
  • A small run window will display in your pc.
  • In the Run Window, type- Outlook/safe and then click on ok.
  • This will open up MS outlook in safe mode.
  • Check operating your MS Outlook and see if now your issue is successfully resolved or not.

How to fix MS Outlook not responding?

   Run a Repair in your PC

  • Go to the your PC’s C Drive and then go to the Program Files.
  • Into the program files, look for the Microsoft Office Folder and open it.
  • In MS Office folder, you’ll see another folder called- Root. Open the folder and again you’ll see multiple folders in front you.
  • Open Office 16 folder and then scroll down at the bottom and look for a file called- Scan PST.
  • Now, click on the file Scan PST and run the file. Now, it will ask to locate our mail file which is our PST file 19 documents. Once we got that located, click to start and this will go ahead and go through a bunch of phases. Here you can see there’s eight phases to go through.
  • This will repair your PST files and this will create a backup and it will try to repair the damage which is done to your MS Outlook.

Re-Install you MS Outlook

Re-install you MS outlook may also fix the not responding issue as sometimes the technical issue is inside your MS Outlook and even after doing multiple technical solution, the issue still arises. Re-installing you MS outlook and see if it fixes the issue or not.

Contact MS Outlook Customer Support to fix MS Outlook not responding

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