How to Recover Forgotten MSN Password? 

Forget MSN password ?? This situation is not unusual for most of the users. Users create an account, use it for some time and forget the important password if they havent logged in for some time. Here in this article, we will be going to discuss all the possible ways on how to recover Forgotten MSN password. Before moving further with the methods let us know a little about MSN and its Email services.

We all are aware that MSN is a web portal launched by Microsoft, today the majority of people are using MSN for their work. MSN provides the customers, an interface of a collection of apps and internet services for Windows and mobile devices. Like any other tools, MSN also requires name and password to log in after it gets installed in the computer system, Android, iPhone or any other device. If for any reason you forgot MSN password then you will not be allowed to login into your account.


The following article focuses on How to Recover Forgotten MSN password if you have forgotten it. Here, we are focusing on three methods in detail which will be going to help you in recovering MSN password.

  1. Method 1 to Recover Forgotten MSN Password : Searching Random Passwords
  2. Method 2: Recover password by using Forgot passwordoption to reset MSN Password
  3. Method 3: Recover MSN password with the help of Web Browser

Method #1 to Recover Forgotten MSN Password

Searching Random Passwords There is a possibility that user has saved the details or login information somewhere in their computer system or noted down at some safer place unknown to the trespassers? The point here is that before getting worried you should at least give a try to look for the information somewhere around your private store.

Most of the time we all prefer to keep the passwords with the names dear to us, like of our friends, partners, parents, and apart from the names we also choose some favorite aspects to us such as favorite color, the combination of numbers, or certain locations. By giving a try to all of them randomly would at least save the trouble of all the aforementioned hectic tasks for recovering the lost password.

Method 2: Recover password by using Forgot passwordoption to reset MSN Password

Instead of struggling with difficult random procedures, why don’t you go for something which is easier to use? Here in this method, we have explained in detail on how to reset the MSN password, so that you can change the old password and reset the new one.

Step 1. Open the web browser (chrome, Mozilla firefox, safari ) and visit this link:

Step 2. Select the “I forgot my password” option and click on it.

Step 3. Now Select the “Reset your password” option.

Step 4. After clicking on the option, you will be asked to enter your Windows Live ID which is essential to reset your password for the account.

Step 5. After entering your ID you have to enter certain specific characters or captcha which you have to type in the exact manner as shown in the dialog box. Once completed then click “Next“. If you have chosen to get the link via SMS or any recovery email account then the link for the reset password will be sent either to your alternate e-mail account or on your phone.

Step 6. If anyhow you are still not able to reset the account password, you better contact MSN email customer support.

24/7 MSN Email Support Number:

Method #3 to recover Forgotten MSN Password:

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user or using it as your web browser, then this method surely would help you in recover forgotten MSN password very easily. Firefox too like any other web browser store and save all the usernames and passwords that a user type while accessing to any particular website. So the next time, if you try to log in to those websites, Firefox will simply retrieve the information from the location and fill in the details required automatically to carry the login function all by itself. If you are not using Firefox, then it is advisable to download it and make sure that it is installed in your Windows.

Step 1. From the Firefox web browser, Open the “Firefox Menu”.

Step 2. You will be shown a list in which you have to select Options”.

Step 3. An operating window panel would pop up after selecting the options. Choose the “Security” tab from that panel.

Step 4. After choosing the “Security” option, you will see check-box sections and a “Saved Passwords” at the right bottom corner of the windows.

Recover Forgotten MSN Password from Firefox Saved Logins
Recover Forgotten MSN Password from Firefox Saved Logins

Step 5. From there click on the “Save Passwords” option.

Step 6. Once the “Save Passwordsis clicked, all the usernames and passwords will be shown that you have been logged in frequently.

Step 7. Type in the search dialog box and press  “Enter”. The respective username and password will just appear beneath the search box and now your job is done.

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