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How To Setup Roku Express
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Before moving to How to Setup Roku Express, let us know a little about Roku device. Roku is a product of web streaming using internet. It came in the year 2008 and since then it has introduced more than 3000 streaming channels. In the year 2007 Roku also introduces it self advertising which allows users to serve ads in Roku players which includes video ads, brand ads, sponsorship ads, interactive videos etc.

What is Roku Express

The Set Up Roku Express is Roku’s most economical streaming gadget for spending plan disapproved of customers hoping to overhaul their “moronic” TV to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other gushing administrations. Roku Express supports 4k video resolution and HDR 10+ standard. It will cost you around $30. Roku has two express option that is Roku Express and Roku Express Plus. Both have same features Roku Express Plus comes with a more advanced remote with voice search and power to control your power, Volume and mute your TV. Roku express is a perfect match for those who want a wireless streaming device with no frills or burden. But, if you’re travelling outside and planning to take Roku with you then Roku Streaming Skin + is th best option available from all devices.

What’s inside your Roku express Box?

You’ll get the following things inside your Roku express box:

  • Roku express streaming player.
  • A control Remote
  • Adhesive Strip
  • Power Adapter
  • Micro USB cable HDMI
  • Composite Cables (If you have Roku Express Plus)
  • Batteries
  • A Quick Start-up Guide

How To Setup Roku Express

Follow these simple steps to setup Roku Express:

  1. Find an HDMI input in your TV. Find wisely as HDMI cable should be completely compatible to the HDMI input of your TV.
  2. Insert the HDMI cable into the compatible input or insert the composite cable into the corresponding input of your TV.
  3. The other end of the cable goes into the Roku Streaming Player.
  4. Now, use your remote to toggle the button lable Input which you used to connect your TV to the HDMI. You might see your screen black this time but don’t worries follow the next step.
  5. Now, power-up your Roku remote and TV.  Connect one end of the micro USB cord into the Roku player and other end into either the USB port on your TV or use the included power adapter to plug directly into a wall outlet.
  6. In a few minutes you will see that your Roku player is getting started.
  7. Now, insert the included batteries into the Roku remote.
  8. Now follow the on screen steps- Select a language.
  9. Connect your wireless internet connection to your Roku Player.
  10. If any of the red cross appear red then go to or contact Roku customer support directly on +1(844)-539-9831. Incase you’re unable to connect your wireless device then follow step 11 & 12 otherwise follow from Step 13.
  11. In case you’re unable to connect to your Roku device then goto the and find the option I’m unable to connect my wireless network and click on the option.
  12. Your roku player will download the latest software so that you’ll get the latest features and channels updates automatically. After the Software downloaded you’ll be redirected to the setup the display type press ok on your remote and you Roku player wil automatically determine the best resolution to your TV. If your screen displaying correctly select yes screen look good.
  13. After that there is a activation link display on your screen which you have to use to link  your Roku player to your Roku account.
  14. Now, with the help of a smart phone, Laptop/computer link your Roku account to Roku Player. If you already have a account then just sign in and enter the code to which is displayed on your TV otherwise create a new account on the website and set a security cose to prevent any unwanted purchase and follow the on screen instructions to completely setup your streaming channels paid/free.
  15. Now, the last optional step is adhesive strip will help you to mount the Roku player in a position that works best for you. You can setup below, above or any of the sides of your Tv. Now you are all setup to enjoy your Roku Player.

Roku Contact Number To Set Up Roku Express : +1(844)-980-4031 

Call Now.

Some Important Contacts for Roku customer service Number:

Roku General Contact –  https://www.roku. com/about/contact

Roku Customer Support – https://support.

[email protected] – https://support.

Roku @Twitter – https://twitter .com/rokuplayer

Roku @Facebook – https://www.facebook .com/roku

About Roku :

Roku Customer Care : roku-customer-care-phone-number

Dear Roku users in case you have any difficulty in watching Roku TV, Streaming from Roku Players or setting up devices with Roku , don’t worry just connect with us. We always value your time and mood and would be more than happy to help you resolving your issue.

No long queue, no wait time, no time boundary and no geographical restrictions. Contact the Roku customer service phone number 24/7 from anywhere round the world.

I hope this article will help you to Set Up Roku Express  on your own. But if incase you’re not able to do this on your own then you can contact us over the phone 1(844)-980-4031 or online and our technicians who are highly skilled and professional will look into your matter. Feel free to chat with us or write an email for any suggestion or query.

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