How to setup Roku Streambar?

The Roku Streambar generates sound that is far larger than its size. No matter what you’re watching, perfecting your sound is simple. you can reduce the volume of noisy advertising, increase the volume of conversations. And optimise the sound for night listening to avoid waking others at home. Follow the given steps to setup Roku streambar.

What’s inside the Box?

  • Roku Streambar/Soundbar
  • Introduction Manual
  • Adapter
  • Voice Remote Control
  • Batteries
  • Optical Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • An optical Audio Cable

Step 1: Connect your Roku Streambar

  • First, find an available HDMI input labeled arc on your tv arc stands for audio return channel that means all of your tv sound will go through your roku streambar. If you don’t see an HDMI input labeled arc then you’ll need to use the included optical cable along with the HDMI Cable.
  • If you are using the optical cable then plug it into the tv port labeled optical or digital audio and just remember that you only need to use this cable if you don’t have an HDMI input labeled arc.
  • One end of the HDMI cable goes into the HDMI arc input of your TV and other end goes to the Roku Stream Bar (Be sure to notice that which HDMI input you are using so that you can select the same input on your Tv).Whether you are using the HDMI cable or not, you may need to enable the HDMI CEC Setting on your Tv.
  • This setting will lets you control your tv power with the included roku remote or use your tv remote to adjust volume on your roku streambar tv manufacturers refers to the setting by different names. You can check the owner/introduction manual or visit-
  • If you have a roku tv then its setting will turn on automatically. During your setup, you have to enable CEC.
  • In your roku tv remote, look for the button labelled input/source/something similar to it and to be sure to toggle  to the same HDMI input you use to connect your roku streambar.

Step 2 : Power Up your Roku Streambar

  • Connect your power cable and power adapter and then plug into the circular end of the power adapter into the roku streambar and other end into a wall outlet in a few moments you’ll see Roku logo on screen.
  • From the roku remote select the roku tv and your tv is successfully connected to the roku streambar and will automatically get linked to your roku account.
  • Now, insert the included batteries in your new Remote and you’ll see a light inside the remote start flashing signaling that its ready to pair (If you can’t see any light then re insert your batteries again see if it fixes the issue).
  • You can see that your remote is automatically detecting and pairing your roku tv on its own (If it doesn’t then hold pairing button for five seconds and see if it started pairing).
  • After successful pairing, you’ll see a lets started screen on your Tv. Select your language.


Step 3 : Connect to wireless Network

  • In your Roku device, go to settings and then go to the wireless option.
  • Now, go to the option- Set up new connection and that will automatically started scanning your Wireless Network.
  • Once you find your network, click on it and enter your wifi password and connect it to your tv (See if all the checks appear green on the screen and if there is a red cross then see the troubleshooting option at  and your roku streambar will automatically download the latest version of your software and you’ll get the latest version and features of channels updates)
  • After your roku streambar has downloaded the latest version of software, then you’ll be prompted to set your display type. Press ok on your remote and your roku streambar will automatically determine the best resolution for your tv. If your screen  is displaying correctly , select yes screen looks good and then confirm your resolution.

Step 4 : Activate your Roku Streambar

Follow the on-screen prompts to create and activate a roku account for your roku streambar.

  • Create a Roku Account or if already have, sign-in to your account.
  • Now, set a pin-code to help prevent any unwanted purchases.
  • Next, you’ll be ask to enter your payment details and this makes it very easy and quick to rent any channel or movies (You’ll not charge without your explicit consent).
  • At last, click on continue to complete the activation process.
  • On your tv screen, you’ll see your selected channels getting added to your roku streambar and this process will take few seconds.

Contact Roku Customer Support to setup Roku Streambar

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