Nikon camera not connecting to Bluetooth

Nikon camera autofocus is not working

The autofocus (AF) system automatically adjusts the camera’s focus. When the shutter-release button is held halfway down, the camera focuses and when the button is pressed all the way down, the camera captures a photo. The camera’s settings can be adjusted such that the lens focus ring can be manually rotated to focus the camera.

If you’re in the middle of a picture shoot when you discover your viewfinder is out of focus. If you’re using back-button focusing, your shutter and AF-ON buttons don’t seem to work. This has occurred to many of us far too often, so we’ve devised a system for troubleshooting in the shortest amount of time feasible on the spot. It goes without saying that your camera must be turned on and the lens cap removed.

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#1 Autofocus rather than manual

Double-check that the lens and camera switches are both set to Autofocus. It must be set to AF, not M, on the camera, and M/A on the lens (A stands for Autofocus, M for Manual, and M/A allows you to utilize both). Flicking the lens switch to Manual unintentionally and easily might happen, especially if you’re in a hurry to change lenses.

#2 The back dial is unlocked

Make sure the dial is pointing at the camera icon rather than the L, which stands for the lock. This dial is easy to flick, especially if you’re back-button focusing and your dial sees a lot of movement.

#3 AEL / AFL

Check to see if you’ve locked focus on your AEL/AFL button. Clicking it once locks the focus, so you’ll have to click it again to unlock it.

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#4 Examine the lens

Take off the lens. Examine the front and back lens for smudges or dirt. Make sure the lens isn’t cracked in any way. If your lens has any filters, make sure they are clear and free of cracks. When reattaching the lens, ensure sure you hear a click when it is twisted into place. If there are any smudges on the lens, wipe it down with a lens towel and avoid blowing on it. Lens cloths are normally lint-free and should be used in conjunction with a lens cleaning solution rather than anything else. Because a person’s breath may include toxic acids, blowing on the lens might result in lens damage. Use a lens bulb blower and a brush if you feel compelled to blow.

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Finally, inspect your viewfinder for oil, smudges, or dirt. The viewfinder may be cleaned in the same way as your lens is. Your camera will still focus and the image will not be impacted if your viewfinder is extremely dusty, but you will be unable to see anything in focus!

#6 Bonus

This is true for any camera, not just Nikon cameras. Turn your camera off for a few seconds, then turn it back on if something strange is happening. It’s the equivalent of rebooting your computer for your camera. If that doesn’t work, try taking the battery out for a minute or more (remember to turn the camera off before removing the battery). You could try resetting all functionalities and settings on the camera to factory default as a last resort. If it still doesn’t work, try the camera with a different lens; if that works, your lens may need to be serviced.

Contact Nikon Camera Support

If a customer is concerned about the occurrence of any technical difficulties, the technician can provide the greatest professional assistance. Customer service is available 24 X 7.  You can Contact Nikon Camera Support at +1-(844)-980-4031 or visit them on

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