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Unable to connect to wireless network on Roku

Your Roku streaming device allows you access to stream video and audio online through channels. To stream the content without any interruption, you need to have a good connection of your Roku streaming device with your network and from the network to the internet. Problems with any of these lead to hindrance in accessing the content. What we have noticed is that, 80% of the times your Roku device is connected to the WiFi network and shows a good signal strength but still can not stream content online. The primary reason for this problem is that your Roku does have an active WiFi connection but the WiFi source like you router from internet service provider is not connected to the internet. In this post we will troubleshoot and fix problem “Unable to connect to wireless network on Roku” .

So, if you have any problem streaming the channels on Roku because you are Unable to connect to wireless network on Roku. This article will help you in checking the connection and also resolving the issue by providing you steps to troubleshoot the issue with network connections.

If there is no network connection established between your device and network, you need to connect the Roku streaming device to your home network just like connecting your phone to the network.

Just select the network name of your wireless connection and then enter the password. This enables a connection between the router and Roku device. If you are unable to connect the device to your network or are not able to access the internet via the connection, then it would be difficult to set up the device properly.

Also, if you lost the network connection after you have set up everything on your device, you might not be able to access the channels that need internet, or there might be an interruption in the streaming.

Fix Unable to connect to wireless network on Roku

How to check the connection?

To check the connection on your Roku device, Go to the settings menu and follow the steps

  • Go to the network settings in the settings menu and select check connections to start the two-step network test. In the first step, check the connection to the network and the signal quality. In the second step, the check the internet connection and test the network speed.

    Check the Network Connection on Roku
    Check the Network Connection
  • If in the test results, the network speed or the signal strength is found to be low, on-screen instructions are provided that help you in resolving this issue.
  • In case your device is not connected to any network, you will not find the check connection option in the network settings. And it may ask you to connect or setup a new Wireless connection.

    Connect Roku to a WiFi internet Connection
    Connect Roku to a WiFi internet Connection

How to connect to the network?

If your device is not connected to any network connection, follow these steps to connect to the available network.

  1. Enter the name of the wireless connection correctly. Ensure that the name is correct; otherwise, you might not be able to connect to the network. Or select the WiFi name from the list if it shows the home network name.

    Unable to connect to wireless network on Roku
    Roku Network Connection Wizard
  2. Enter the password of the network. The passwords of the wireless network are case sensitive so, enter the password carefully. If you have entered the wrong password try to re-enter the correct password. You can use the shift button on the keyword to enter the capital letters in the password.
  3. Check if your router is connected to the internet. You can check the proper working of your router using your smartphone or PC. If you can access the network from another device, your network is working correctly and can access the internet properly. If you can’t access the internet from other devices also, you should first restart the router to check if the network gets to work. If still, you are not able to access the internet, you can contact your ISP.
  4. Improve the signal strength of your wireless network. If you can access the internet from other device and the password is also correct, and still, you are Unable to connect to wireless network on Roku, the most probable reason for this problem would be the signal strength of the network. The farther the Roku device from the router, the weaker is the signal strength. Try to keep the device as close to the router as possible with a minimum of obstacles like walls, appliances, cabinets, etc. between them to get the best signal strength on your device.
  5. Restart your device and router. To restart both the devices follow the instructions below.

To restart Roku streaming player, go to the system settings and select the System Restart option. Alternatively, unplug the power source and connect it back after a few seconds. So to restart your router, you can follow the instructions provided by the router manufacturer. Alternatively, remove the plug and reconnect it. When both the devices restart, the Roku automatically reconnects with the router, if there was previously a connection set up between them. In case it does not reconnect or if you are using the streaming device for the first time, please follow the network setup process and make a connection. In case you are having trouble in setting up Roku or the WiFi network on it, you may also want to read this article by

Restart Roku If Unable to connect to wireless network on Roku
Restart Roku Device in order to Fix No Internet Connection Problem

If nothing help and you have exhausted all the method as mentioned above. You may want to reset the Roku device and Set up your Roku again with your TV to start watching Live content without any problem.

Some common Roku error codes

  • Error code 009: To resolve this issue, it is advised to use the error code 099. This code denotes that the device has a connection with the router but not able to make a connection with the internet. If you have the working internet connection and still unable to access channels, you can follow step 5.
  • Error code 012: This error is related to the Ethernet connection. Check the Ethernet If it is connected properly, follow step 5.
  • Error code 013: Check if the router is working properly and also check the internet using another device. If everything is working fine, restart your device as directed in step If you cannot connect to the internet from another device too, reconnect the Ethernet cable, restart the router and if the problem is still not resolved, contact with your ISP.
  • Error code 14: This error occurs due to failure to connect to the network, so start from step 1 and search for the solution by trying every step.
  • Error code 14.20, 14.62 or 14.64: This can be resolved by following step 4. It occurs due to weak signal strength. Finally, follow step 5.
  • Error code 14.40 and 14.41: These errors can be due to an incorrect password or incorrect SSID. Follow Step 1 to resolve this issue. If still the problem is not resolved, follow step 5.
  • Error code 016: This error occurs when you are trying to access a channel but the internet connectivity is Go to network settings and follow the instructions to resolve the error. Otherwise, go to step 4.

If after following all these steps, you are unable to connect to wireless network on Roku, you can contact the Roku Technical support Phone number to get help and resolve any issue with your Roku device or your wiFi router issue. They have enough technical available round the clock and they all are expert in fixing any types of technical or Wireless connection related problem with Roku and all of your home devices. If you have any doubts you can also call us at 1(877)-661-8666 or chat us here on the chat pop up at the bottom right corner of the screen.

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