Unable to send or receive MSN emails in Outlook

Unable to send or receive MSN emails in Outlook

unable to send or receive MSN email in outlook
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Outlook comes is a web based top company of emails service. Outlook works fluent and its very simple to use. We can add –On our own emails in the outlook too like hotmail.com & msn.com unfortunately if you face issue of unable to send or receive MSN emails in outlook then this article is just for you. No matter what version of outlook you are using just read full article and detect your solution to troubleshoot this concern of unable to send or receive MSN emails in outlook.
You’re trying multiple attempts to send emails but the receiver is not receiving your email and also you are not receiving any emails in your inbox too. Follow the below steps to fix the issue of unable to send or receive MSN emails in Outlook.

Reboot the system

First thing you need to do is reboot or restart your system because with many issues this will fix the issues. Follow the below mentioned steps to reboot your system.

  • Firstly, close your outlook completely.
  • Now go to start menu bar in your pc.
  • From the start menu bar, Click on the power
  • You’ll see few options into the power- Click on Restart/Reboot.
  • Many times, this will fix the issue unable to send or receive MSN emails in outlook.

Verify your Internet Connectivity

  • Check your internet connectivity as internet plays a major role to fix these kinds of technical issues. Rely on a trustworthy internet service only and check and upgrade your networks package with your internet service provider.
  • To check the internet connectivity just go to any search engine and try to open it up . If that opens-up then you have a decent internet connection.

Restart your Outlook

  • Open your Outlook and try to sent emails, If you are successful to send emails then your issue of unable to send or receive emails fixed successfully. Unfortunately, if the issue still arises then close the outlook and refresh your desktop.
  • Now, Go to the start menu bar and in the search option type- “RUN”.
  • You will see a small Run window. Just type –“Outlook/space” into the run window and click on ok.
  • This command will open up the outlook in safe mode.
  • Select – Default Outlook and click on ok.

Password Change Issue

MS outlook doesn’t prompt you to update your password again n again once you change it. Changing our MSN account password again n again sometimes arise technical issues into the outlook.

Change System Settings

  • Go to the Start Menu Bar and type credential manager.
  • Open Credential Manager and select Windows Credentials.
  • From the below options remove the saved login credentials of your MSN email and close the window.
  • Now open the MSN email in outlook and see if you are unable to send or receive MSN emails in outlook then follow the next step.

        Create New Mailbox

  • Go to Start menu bar and type control panel and open it.
  • Search “Mail” into the control panel.
  • Select Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2006) .
  • Now under the show profile option- select outlook and then click on “ADD”.
  • Now name you profile (4you can name anything) and enter- Name, MSN email and password and then click on Next.
  • This may fix the issue.

Contact MSN Customer Support

If your concern of unable to send or receive MSN emails in outlook still arises then you may contact the MSN Technical Customer Support at 1-(844)-980-4031  or visit them on https://microsystemsupport.us/msn-email-support-number/. The Customer support at MSN is available for you 24×7 to resolve your queries and concerns. The issues are handled by the team of certified technicians who are highly expert in troubleshooting all type of MSN service and Email related issues. The talented professionals working here are well trained with best and most up to date technology and with such rapid resolution process customers get the result quickly.


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